While Everyone Else Was Snoozing…

While everyone else was seemingly snoozing, my clients, who I met (or more like fell in love with) at an open house the weekend or two prior, found and we wrote an offer on an AWESOME 2bd/2.5 bath townhouse in John’s landing, on our first outing no less!  They got an awesome deal and it was as if there was a clearing the weekend we were out…and wham! It all just happened so easily for them it was like everyone else out there just kind of had taken a break from looking.


If you click on any more of my blogs you’ll quickly see that this is NEVER the story. The story is usually ”we were looking and looking and multiple offers happened and then we finally got the house, and now we are exhausted.”

This was just simply amazing and a pleasure working with and connecting with some really cool people.


Sold! November 22, 2013 for $279,000

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