dog-friendly meetup groups in portland

Portlanders love dogs.

Almost as much as Portlanders love bikes. Okay, maybe not. There’s no scientific evidence or survey that I’ve found on that one yet, but I know that everywhere I go in town, there are dogs. Shopping, playing, walking, running, staying, even biking! Everywhere you look, especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings, you’ll see that this dog-friendly city loves dogs. And dog owners love every moment with their pooches.


Portland is a dog-friendly city


It used to be that dogs were outside pets, but now you’ll find them everywhere: from purses to bike baskets to bars to shopping carts. There are doggy daycares, dog hotels, dog yoga, dog salons, and cannabis stores that cater to dogs. And while I’m definitely a cat person (HELLO, I’m the Cat-Lady Realtor!), I can’t help but appreciate the open arms to pups. Portland is definitely one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. So whether you’re moving here, live here, or are just visiting, there’s room for a canine (or two or three).


Here are a few of the top opportunities for you and your pooch:



Dinner Out on the Town

In Portland, odds are that your dog is welcome more than not. But in case you want to double check, is a great resource for finding out where your dog is welcome to tag along.

Dog friendly portland boasts dog friendly restaurants


Tin Shed is top on our list for great food, fun times, and a complete separate menu for your dog. (And if the food is good enough for Guy Fieri, it’s good enough for me!) I love the farm-freshness they serve up seasonally. Plus, the last time we checked, Tuesday nights in winter are Dog Lovers night, as in buy-a-human-meal-get-a-dog-meal-free.

Lucky Labrador has become an accidental doggy bar. While they can’t allow dogs insidedue to health department rules, all their locations have outdoor seating where pups are more than welcome to hang out with you. The best dog-friendly part about this place? They make their own dog biscuits from scratch.


Romping in the Wild

Dog friendly off leash parks in portland

Portland has the most dog parks per capita than any other city in the nation. (Hats off, Portland. We’re proud!) So that means that just anywhere you live in the city, there’s a good chance you’ll find a dog-friendly park within walking distance. (Here’s a list provided by the city so you can find the closest on and off-leash places to play for a bit.)



dog-friendly businesses in portland


If you’re looking for training, camps, pet portraits, sustainable pet products, doggy hikes, volunteer opportunities, or any other type of pet supply, Pet Friendly Portland comes to the rescue. (If you’re looking for local, greenpet supplies and why they’re important, check out my earlier post here.)


Meetup Groups and Events

No matter what breed you have, there’s a meetup group for that.

Portland Corgi Group

Pug Meetups

Oaks Park Oktoberfest Weiner Dog Race

Portland Events for Dogs



Giving Back

If you’re all about portraits, Charles Waugh has been working on a project called We Love Our Pets, and all proceeds are donated to the Oregon Humane Society. You can buy a page and be featured, or you can simply purchase a book. I don’t know about you, but some of these images make me all melty inside! (And even if that’s not something you’re interested in, the videos on the website are adorable!)

If you have kids who love dogs, Multnomah County Library hosts Read To Dogs events at local libraries consistently. Not only will your kids get more experience reading, they may make a furry friend or two in the process.


I haven’t even touched the surface on all the dog-friendly things to do in Portland. I don’t think you could ever run out of new things to do with your four-legged friends. Rain, shine, inside or out, you’ll consistently find people asking to meet your dog.