My totally bad-ass friend (and client) Carli Davidson followed her heart and made her dreams a reality over the years I have known her. And watching her follow these dreams with such genuine passion was something in and of itself…Now, she has been recognized and PUBLISHED and we all get to share in the glory of her creative vision.  The book Shake features dogs in motion in the most fascinating still shots and I can’t think of a better addition to your coffee table or gift for that person who really could use a good laugh now and again (so, basically EVERYONE you know).

The book is about to hit the stands and I can hardly contain my excitement and so if you are as excited as me, you can go ahead and pre-order your book on Amazon here and get lost in Carli’s world of domestic pets and wild animals on her website here:

You’ve never seen photos like this I assure you!


I love you Carli, Congratulations!

UPDATE August 9, 2014: “Shake Puppies” coming out soon! Pre-order it at the website above now!