green home

  • kitchen storage for a zero-waste home

    How to Have a Zero-Waste Home

    Getting to a zero-waste home can seem like a daunting task, even if we’re a Portlander born-and-bred. But zero-waste is attainable. Like most new things in life, we may just need a little help getting started in the right direction, and access to the right tools to make it happen. Here are a few tips and…

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  • Energy Trust of Oregon promotes greener living

    Energy Trust of Oregon: What It Is and How It Works

    One of Our State’s Best Non-Profits The official line is that the Energy Trust of Oregon is an “independent non-profit that helps utility customers in Oregon benefit from efficient energy use and generating renewable energy.” But what does that really mean? It’s a kick-ass organization that helps Oregonians save money and stay as green as…

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  • Improve your home energy score

    How To Get a Better Home Energy Score

    The new Home Energy Score highlights the Energy Features of a home, helps you buy wisely, anticipate energy usage, and better discover energy solutions.  In true earth-friendly Portland fashion, the real estate process will be leaning more green. Beginning January 1, 2018 the new Home Energy Score kicks in. What is this all about, you…

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  • 6 Key Things to Know About the Mandatory Home Energy Score

    The 90s are back – at least as far as your home’s carbon footprint is concerned. By 2050, Portland wants to slash the city’s carbon emissions to 80 percent below 1990 levels. To help reach that goal, all Portland homes going for sale will need to obtain a Home Energy Score beginning Jan. 1, 2018. You might be asking yourself:…

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