This adorable house is set just far enough off  N. Willis Blvd so that street noise does not affect the peacefulness of the home. Furthermore, due to the house being on a street that is perceived to be busy, my clients got a good deal because it wasn’t getting as much activity as all the other little homes in this hot area of North Portland.

I was VERY inspired by what the sellers had done to the house.  It was obvious the seller was very handy and they also cared enough to select eco-friendly upgrades.  I liked what they had done so much that I had to ask where they got their house remodeling items.  They told me the kitchen counter tops were made out of a recycled product called Paperstone and the bathroom flooring was Marmoleum, all sold at Green Depot  on 819 SE Taylor Street (also known as Eco Haus).  I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this store…it’s the alternative to Home Depot, which none of us should be supporting if we can help it…and we CAN help it because Green Depot is competitive on pricing, offers just as much hand holding (if not more) and now I can attest because after getting inspired after selling this house I remodeled my own bathroom using Eco-house materials!


The cherry on top for me, aside from stealing all of these awesome remodeling ideas and finding some very nice people an updated and charming home within their comfort price range, is that I inherited two AWESOME new neighbors.

Why, just yesterday, I drove past their house on the way from my Sunday Softball game at the park nearby and witnessed my first time buyer mowing his lawn with his new electric mower.  <3 Adorable! <3