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PDX Real Estate in the Cooler Months

You might have heard that the market is really interesting right now. Rates being pushed up – by the Fed, falsely – is resulting in impacts that weren’t anticipated. But the truth is, we here in PDX have such low inventory that this will affect our market less than others. Still, across the board, my buyers and I are checking rates daily to confirm we’re still able to afford our projected price range, which is a little hairy, but it still beats competing with 10+ offers that are waiving inspection and appraisal contingencies. This is especially true because with our housing demand -vs- houses being built are so out of wack, it’s very likely you will be able to refinance down the road and get the rate down over time. Homes that are well priced are still flying off the shelves…but with one or two offers, not eight. Seasonally, it always slows down a little this time of year inventory-wise, and that’s why, come Spring, we usually see a big boost of buying activity (and those multiple offers ramp up).

My take? If you need to continue looking all through winter, so be it. If the right house for you pops up, it’s time to bite. It’s important to remember to make your move when the house presents itself, rather than hold out for more favorable conditions – those conditions may never come. And, if you need to sell, it’s all about the price being right. That’s what you’ve got me for!

Overall, it’s still a darn good time to be a seller, and there’s been some relief for buyers who are competing with WAY fewer offers, and WAY less aggressive terms. So really, it’s a bit more balanced, and a mix of good and bad news for everyone involved.

Want to know more? I’m always down to chat about my favorite subject: real estate. After 16 years of being a Realtor, I never get bored of it. Your circumstances are unique to you, and that’s what keeps things so engaging and meaningful, because I really care about your specifics and how to help make the stressful business of buying and selling, a bit easier with me by your side. It’s never too early to start talking, planning, and going over options to see what’s really best for your specific situation.

This Is For My Real Estate Data Nerds…

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Need to know more? I’m always happy to chat real estate and help you make sense of the ebbs and flows…

Prepping Your Home For a (Hopefully) Wet Winter

Fall prep

It’s been a hot, dry summer, and this October is breaking all sorts of temperature records. For some of you, that’s a fun surprise extension to summer, but in reality, it’s a bit of a worrisome trend as far as general climate goes. Even if it’s delayed, we’re still going to get that Portland rain (and maybe snow!), so you’ve still got some warm days for getting your home weatherized for winter. * Clear your gutters! Gutters clogged with leaf debris is the main offender when it comes to roof leaks, and a good indicator of a problem is when there’s a heavy rain and your gutters are overflowing. Check your gutters – especially if there’s trees overhanging above them – and make sure your spouts drain away from your foundations. Trust me, water gets in everywhere and can do so much damage.
* Yes, I’m always going on about planting garlic, but the dividends are worth the initial investment. End of October is when I usually plant my garlic, and I always look forward to fresh scapes in Spring, and harvesting my bulbs in early summer.
* Check your home’s perimeters for window ledge rot on the exterior – this is a common spot for water intrusion to occur, and what you see on the surface isn’t always the extent of the damage.
* Now’s a good time to transplant peonies and other bulb plants and flowers, as they tend to go into dormancy during the colder months.
* Make sure your HVAC is serviced, filters are changed and ready for heating your home efficiently.

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I’ll be sharing Urban Nest’s monthly picks so you can get a quick view of what’s happening in PDX. Portlanders love festivals and events, and there’s lots of spooky fun to be had during October…click here for the full Picks!

Lone Wolf

Just in case you missed my announcement a few weeks ago, I’m now officially an Urban Nest agent! I’ve been settling in to my new digs, updating all of my marketing to be on-brand, getting a fresh set of headshots, and basically loving the freedom and convenience of Urban Nest’s two locations in Portland. I’m still – and always will be – your cat lady realtor, though, so nothing’s changed there. Wanna read my new bio?

My Kitchen Glow-Up

Blue Minimalist Anime Housing Quotes Desktop Wallpaper

I finally bit the bullet, and decided to do a little kitchen glow-up! After completely gutting and remodeling my last house’s kitchen, I was happy to buy a home with a pretty good remodel already in place, as a starting point. A small tile project like this is a much more affordable (duh) WAY and so I was able to splurge on fancy tile, because I didn’t need much of it!

Lone Wolf (3)

I went to Pratt + Larson, which is a candy store for tile enthusiasts and folks that want more of a bold ‘’statement’’. Their showroom is full of gorgeous tiles made by clever local artisans. There’s a lot to chose from, great customer service for advice and consultation, and you can even get custom tile made! You’re bound to gain a lot of inspiration for your next home project. I’m obsessed with the results. Hope you like it, too, and please send me all your before and after house projects, I love seeing what you’re up to!

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Lone Wolf (4)

I guess we’re all done with my “Quarantine Diary” updates, as everyone seems to have returned to a slightly uneasy version of normalcy after 2+ years of Covid, but it’s important to remember that many folks are still vulnerable to the virus, and that long Covid is still shrouded in mystery as to the longterm implications, of course. PSA done, I’ve personally been enjoying the last days of this long hot summer, doing all my usual gardening to do’s, and prepping for the overwintering months. I loved playing grass volleyball this summer, and worked on house projects like my kitchen backsplash (which I discuss above, and absolutely LOVE) as well as several gardening projects you probably caught on my Insta page.

Also, I had my exterior windows washed, and I feel like I live in a shiny new house, lol. I’m a little embarrassed that it took me this long to schedule a professional cleaning, this seemingly basic aspect of home maintenance has a big impact on the overall whole. There’s so much more light entering my home! I used Sunrise Windows for the job, and they did such great work. Tell him I sent you!

Lastly, a reminder to have your fruit trees pruned this winter. You may have noticed that a lot of fruit trees in Portland suffer from disease, and pruning them regularly helps to prevent that. If your fruit tree is displaying blotchy leaves and failed to produce fruit this year, you’re not alone. The good news is, it can be fixed, but will not self-remedy if left alone. Cross your fingers for me, I got ONE peach this year.

Sure we all have complaints and life hurdles, but I’m beyond grateful to live a fulfilling life, both with what I do professionally (thanks to my amazing clients – that’s you!), and on the home front.

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