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Heading into 2022’s Summer of Real Estate

Summer is traditionally a peak season for real estate everywhere, even in the often rainy Pacific Northwest, but everything’s been so topsy turvey lately that trusted patterns and peaks are a little more ambiguous and unpredictable. Here’s what I can tell you, based on what I’ve seen, as we gear up to summer:

People are still moving to Portland in droves, faster than we can build homes. YES, some are leaving. Some are relocating to other states, many more are moving to the ‘burbs. But we’re still in a growth pattern, and so the small shift might just be the nudge into your offer FINALLY getting accepted…but it doesn’t mean the market is going to crash.

More buyers than ever have been having a hard time of it, I won’t sugarcoat it. Inventory remains low, houses are still selling for way over list price, and most listings – if priced aggressively – are still super competitive and fast-moving. However, we just – JUST – experienced a slow down, so if anyone has been on the fence, now might be an okay time to hit the gas pedal as some re-adjust to more “normal low” interest rates, historically, instead of BONKERS low.

My take? It’s still a really great time to be a seller in Portland, and waiting to buy seems futile for the foreseeable future, so dive on in when you’re ready and your girl will get it done for you. You’ve got to be resilient and adaptable to make it in this world (and in this real estate market) and I’m here to help with all the tricks I have up my sleeve from many years of navigating market shifts.

Spring Scouting & Market Report

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Inventory popped up just a tad last month, but the average since November remains at just under .8 months, so in terms of the number of available listings we are on par with where we were a year ago…

Market-Stats-23-1024x906 20220513_162800_0000 Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 3.17.42 PM See the Full Report

Spring Cleaning In and Around the Home

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the rain we’ve been getting, but like most Portlanders, I’m jonesing for some sustained sunshine right now. Everyone I’ve spoken to is having the same issues with their vegetable gardens – do I plant my starts now, or wait to see if there’s going to be another surprise frost? I can’t be responsible for your baby tomato plants, so use your best judgment, and good luck to us all. I will say, however, that mushroom foraging is gonna be off the hook this year.😃

I’ve mentioned them before, but signing up with ChipDrop is a great way to get all the mulch delivered to your driveway for free. And because it’s free, you might have to wait a bit, so I’d suggest signing up asap. You can request chips, or a combo of chips and logs, and you can also make other specific requests (but keep in mind that this might delay your delivery). Once you have a giant mountain of chips on the ready, you can spread this as mulch around your garden to help conserve water/moisture as it gets hotter. It can also help to suppress grass and weeds (some folks put down cardboard, hessian, or plastic to do this job as well). Then the mulch decomposes over time to create new soil layers.

If you have younger trees/saplings recently planted, consider getting a special bladder to hug the trunk and slowly release water over time, as they’re especially vulnerable at this age.

Power washing is a fun way to spruce up your driveway and paths, and if you haven’t gotten the moss removed from your roof yet, look into it! I know a lot of folk think moss is pretty harmless, but as this stuff grows, it pushes the shingles apart and lets moisture into your home, which can cause some serious – and expensive – damage.

For those of you refinishing your deck or exteriors, be really careful with any rags or paper covered in mineral solvents, etc. If you throw these into the garbage on a hot, hot day, there IS a chance they’ll combust. I know it seems a bit random and low risk, but trust me, it happens more often than you think! Always research ways to dispose of chemical and other wastes that aren’t dangerous for you or the environment.

Trim back bushes and trees from around your home – this should cut back on debris in your gutters as well.

Finally, please get your A/C serviced for summer BEFORE you have problems. Trust me, you’ll really miss it if it’s not working on another 90+ degree heatwave.

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It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had street fairs in Portland, and I’ve been missing them as much as you have. Good news, though – one of Portland’s most popular street fairs is back on track for July 9th, 2022! The Mississippi Street Fair is arguably Portland’s biggest and best, and spans several blocks of hot summer festivities. Scout Realty have historically supported the event, and this year is no different. Super excited to set up a booth and engage with the public once again, and no doubt I’ll have lots of treats and surprises lined up!

I’ll keep you posted on the details (if you’re not following me on Instagram already, now’s a good time), and I really hope to see you there on the day. What’s long been a fun staple of Portland summer is back, and hopefully so is a tiny taste of a return to normalcy.

Let’s Talk Clamshells

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Over 112,000 lbs of clamshells have been kept out of landfills in Portland alone, thanks to the efforts of Ridwell and those who use them (roughly 25,000 Portlanders!). These clamshells have been recycled and given a second life as 2 million new containers, delivering fresh produce right to our mouths. I know, I know, I’m always going on about this, but I’ll continue to because I care about this planet and the people on it.

With everything going on right now, it makes me feel good to have some personal, grass roots impact on our finite resources. Read more about Ridwell and the very real impact they’re having on our direct environment here, and if you wanna try them, hit ME up and I’ll link you.

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I went on my first tropical vacation since Covid, which was exactly what I needed to re-set my mind and body…and to celebrate a milestone birthday! I hear your 40’s are simply the best, and I’m genuinely excited to live this chapter, especially reflecting how far I’ve come these past 10 years both professionally and personally. I have you, (my clients friends and family) to thank for that in large part. It takes a village, and while the virus is still among us, many of us are venturing out and gathering more which feels so good! I still mask and interact as safely as I can, practicing saving my ‘’risk bank’’ for things here and there. It’s hard, because the pandemic isn’t over by a long shot, but you also need to find that balance and make some lemonade.

Have you seen the streets right now!? Everything is peak Spring glory, all the dogwoods were short-lived but glorious, and everything’s so lush and in bloom right now. We really know how to put on a show, and I love that about our city. One of the greatest joys of home ownership is being able to invest in your yard and watch things grow. Have some fun and try something new this year in your front yard for us all to enjoy!

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