Green Pet Supplies Keep Dogs Happy

Portland loves green living. That means lots of opportunities and options for green pet supplies, too.

But as green as we are, it still might not be second nature to think about all the ways we can be more green with our pets. Even as the Cat Lady Realtor, I can struggle with this sometimes! Dogs and cats and their little paws come into contact with so many chemicals —  floor cleaners, fertilizers, pavement, and even chlorine and fluoride from our water supply. It’s important for their health to consider green pet supplies. Below, I cover just a few ways to make a difference:


Natural Pet Supplies Keep Our Pets Healthier 

According to WebMD, over 50% of dogs and cats get cancer. The Animal Cancer Foundation answers some great questions about this trend on their website. Our poor furry friends! The good news is that there some great natural options for anything from cleaning your pet’s ears to flea control. Prevention Magazine has some additional vet-approved tips here. 


 “Oh pets, how we love thee.” ~Portland, Oregon 


Green pet supplies make for happy kitties

Sustainable Products Reduce Our Carbon Footprint 

According to the US Geological Society, more than 4 million metric tons of bentonite clay are strip-mined every year and the majority of that clay is used for pet waste products like cat litter. There are options other than clay-based kitty litter, like . And the good news is that we can purchase them right here in the Portland area. (You can read more about eco-friendly cat litter alternatives here and some recommendations from Stanford University here.). Personally my cats are enjoying the pine cat litter and it works well.


Portland loves green pet supplies for all our pets

Locally-Sourced Pet Supplies Support our Local Economy 

Not only does shopping local support our economy, it reduces our transportation footprint. Buying from environmentally-friendly pet supplies, toys, and nutrition from locals is a big help! What exactly do I mean by green pet supplies? I’m talking about products made from recyclable and recycled materials. Pesticide, chemical, hormone-free, just like many of us prefer when we feed ourselves. We can buy our pets food with organic ingredients and sustainably, locally sourced so our impact on the environment is as little as possible. 

Green Dog Pet Supply 

Located in NE on Fremont, Green Dog is passionate about sustainability.  Seriously. Their latest newsletter about Earth Day to their store clerk — green is going on.

Cycle Dog 

This amazing company with a showroom on NW Quimby handcrafts dog collars from recycled bike tubes. How cool is that?!! I’m a fan, Cycle Dog, and I’m a cat girl. 

Portland pets are worth green pet supplies

Pet Loft 

Representing SW on Macadam, Pet Loft has stuff for puppies, kitties, fish, birds, and everything in between.  

Pets on Broadway 

Pets on Broadway is locally owned and independent. They first opened 25 years ago, so it’s safe to say they’re a staple in the community. And predictably enough, they’re on NE Broadway and 28th. Very convenient.  

Portland Pet Food Company 

Ahhh, a company after my own heart that believes we should feed our pets as consciously as we feed ourselves. Thank you, Portland Pet Food! You can order online or check their website for a local store that carries their product. 


 Green pet supplies keep our furry friends healthier

For Travelers 

Lastly, if you’re vacationing here, don’t forget to bring your pet! They’ll be welcome in more places here than in most other cities, including outdoor seating at a lot of breweries and restaurants. There’s even a dog taphouse in town that’s covered to the hilt in doggie pictures, and even has a playroom for adoptable rescue dogs. If you’re looking for a place to stay, myriads of places abound that are pet-friendly, between local hotels and BringFido, you’re covered.