Kismet at The Gardner Condominiums


I can’t deny that this may be my favorite condominium building in the city of Portland. My friend Ingrid lived here for years but knew that it was time to trade her condo’s convenient urban core location and unique finishes for the space needed to accommodate a growing family. Her condo had been well loved and Ingrid really wanted to hand the keys over to owners who would appreciate its uniqueness.  As luck would have it, my loyal mortgage broker, Jen Zherebilov, introduced me to Karla. I hit it off with Karla and as we talked about what she was looking for, I knew she had to see Ingrid’s condo. I knew that Ingrid was in the process of having the hardwoods refinished and was not quite ready to hit the market but Ingrid gave me the go ahead to take Karla through her home. Karla was in love at first sight. The built-ins, gorgeous lighting, perfect kitchen, and tasteful painting spoke to her – she immediately wanted to write an offer. I contacted Ingrid about the offer with the promise that Karla was the person we were looking for. Ingrid agreed and the deal was as good as done.


The transaction was a dream. The hardwood floors were refinished to perfection. Negotiations were smooth and we closed on time. I was able to help a friend through a transition and made a new friend in the process.


SOLD! February 21, 2014

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