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Portland: Still Hot For Homes


If you know me, you know that every transaction I’m involved in as a Realtor is a personal one. It’s special or meaningful in some way, be it big or small. I’m not just churning through clients for a commission, and that’s deliberate, intentional. I will never not be humbled by my clients’ trust. Homeownership and selling, buying, investing? That’s a huge deal. I won’t ever lose sight of that.

The “Sold” home picture is a recent listing in Buckman, a stunning, updated Victorian with amazing ADU potential and in such a stellar location – it really was one of those homes that checks all the boxes for my special clients for a long time and they poured their hearts into it over the years, so cashing in on their investment was bittersweet like it is for so many of us. It’s not all roses for sellers, right now, either, because if you’re looking for something specific on your next purchase, you have to be willing to roll with the punches of the low inventory market. I’m here to help make things as seamless and stress free as possible but the selling, buying and moving process are a LOT to navigate no matter what. I’m honored to have it as my full time job to make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible for you!

I haven’t just been listing gorgeous homes, I’m staying busy helping buyers nab up their slice of real estate, too! What you see in the second photo is the look of SUCCESS in this market, and we didn’t even have to compete with multiple offers to do it…kind of unheard of in today’s chaotic home climate, and oh trust punches were rolled with for them majorly before we landed here. Long story short, I’ll ALWAYS stay relevant to get your goals executed and look…even in this market…WE CRUSHED IT. Keys day is really the best day.


Summer Scouting & Market Report

A number of Scout agents have reported a noticeable decline in showings at recent listings. Whether this is due to the end of the school year, potential homebuyers frustrated with the market, or greater freedom to get away post-vaccination, it could be an opportunity for those who haven’t yet had a winning offer but are determined to find a new home. Keep at it! You’ll get your house. And we are, of course, ready to help.

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 12.42.07 PM November-2020-9-1024x906 Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 12.46.04 PM Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 12.47.11 PM

As we move into Summer, Portland real estate continues to be difficult to navigate, particularly for buyers. Inventory has hit a new record low of .7 months and the number of new listings decreased from the month prior. Meanwhile, accepted offers and closed sales increased from this past April to May…

See the Full Report

Home Sanctuary in the Summertime

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Warmer weather, yay! My garden is in full swing, and I hope yours is, too. But just because we’ve already done all the hard garden prep for the year, doesn’t mean there isn’t still stuff to do! Between relaxing on your adirondack with your favorite bev, surveying the lush green magic you have created, don’t forget a few simple steps of upkeep to make the most out of your growing season.

– Keep pulling weeds, friends. They steal water, light, and nutrients from every plant around them. Weeding is a tedious task, but much easier to do after watering, or a solid rain, so try to keep that habit up in the garden.
– If you have blooming flowers, like Portland’s famous rose bushes, continue to dead head them to promote new waves of flowering and to keep your garden looking healthy.
– Pick your freshly grown veggies as they ripen, so you can enjoy them at maximum firmness and flavor.
– Remove suckers from fruit trees, as they redirect the tree’s resources from where they’re most needed (ie: growing delicious fruit!).
– If you’re having trouble with slugs, a classic beer trap continues to work wonders. And spider mites and aphids can be mostly removed with a good hose spraying, but if you’re having issues with them, look into neem oil solutions, or manually wiping them off your roses and tomatoes (it’s not that difficult, just a little time consuming).

Pics of my children enjoying their catio. My cats, spoiled? Nah.

*** Speaking of warmer weather, Portland’s headed towards a record breaking heatwave this weekend! It’s a bit last minute, but if you haven’t changed your air filter in a while, get on that, pronto! Doing this means that there’s less chance your A/C or furnace will break down when it’s most needed, and trust me, you will not be able to secure a contractor to fix it in the next few days. ***

Just Checked, and Yep, Still Easy Being Green

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I’m sorry, but I can’t stop singing the praises of Ridwell and their pick up service. I know I’ve talked about them here before, but they truly are a dream come true to a little girl who fantasized about a greener world, and strives for that same goal as an adult.

This unobtrusive white retro box on my porch represents convenient handling of commonly used, hard-to-recycle household waste, taking the stress and struggle out of storing and saving and trying to find the best possible end-of-life home for batteries and lightbulbs. It brings green conscientiousness within grasp of every homeowner, and I’ll never not be thrilled about it. Plus, as more folk jump on board, they continue to expand their range of what they’re willing to take, and the optimist in me sees this as the future for America, and the world. If you haven’t pulled the trigger on a Ridwell subscription yet, you can read up about them here. And if you’re a superfan like I am, continue to gently nudge your friends, family, and neighbors into joining up, and keeping as much unnecessary waste products out of landfill as possible. I have more “1-month free” trials to give out if you want them, so just let me know!

Kinda Post-Quarantine-Ish Diary

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Okay, so I got a Tesla. And I love it.

First off, I know what an incredible privilege it is to be able to buy this type of car, and I’m by no means a car person, or someone who needs the latest gadgets on the market. But I also felt that it was time to put my money where my mouth is, and since I was able to, I did.

It’s been a lot more of a pleasant experience that expected, for starters. I thought I’d be having to learn new technology a la James Bond, and that finding charging stations would be a pain in the ass. But all it takes is an element of planning, and once you’re in the new routine it’s honestly an easier experience. Plus, I installed a charger in my garage – again, it’s an expenditure that’s not for everyone, and I’m grateful I had the ability to afford this convenient perk. I’ve held off updating my car – a critical part of how I do business as a realtor – for a long time, and I wanted to make the most environmentally smart choice possible. So, Tesla it is!

And now I love being a Tesla owner. I feel sooo much better being out of the gas guzzling game.

Like I said in my social media post about it, I’ve been reminding myself more and more every day that it’s our every small action that adds up to the bigger impact, especially when it comes to lowering our carbon footprint. Let’s keep aiming for big changes while doing small things, daily, that keep us on that path.

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Other than that and a few other huge life changes, things are pretty much business as usual. In that business is keeping me busy, gardening is keeping me sane, and I’m enjoying getting out for hikes and on the water as is customary for Oregonians in the summer all while balancing that precious work/family balance. I miss the street fairs and other social events of pre-pandemic times, but I’m confident we’ll see those again, too.

And never forget, I’m always here if you ever want to talk real estate – even if it’s just an inkling of an idea, or some advice on the home front. I’ve got you covered.

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