January In Portland

There are always things to do in Portland.

January in Portland is no different. I enjoy lots of different things around town, from food to entertainment to community service. This month, there are a few activities that really hit my happy spot.  

Portland Art Museum, all month long 

When the holiday fatigue is kicking in hard and the days loom darker, take a few hours to enjoy the Portland Art Museum. First of all, I love the quiet and reflection that comes from an intentional experience with art of any kind. Additionally, January in Portland means Free First Thursday. You have the opportunity to get in without cost on January 4. Current exhibits include Animating Life: The Art, Science, and Wonder of LAIKA. This is toted to be “a groundbreaking view behind-the-curtain into the visionary artistry and technology of the globally renowned animation studio.” It’s an amazing, inspiring walk-through. And then through January 28th, see The Wyeths: Three Generations. “It explores 74 paintings and drawings by artists from three generations of the Wyeth family, all showcasing a commitment to realism, technical brilliance, and narrative sensibility.”  Eight other exhibitions are also on display this month. 

Fertile Ground Festival, January 18-28 

The 2018 Fertile Ground Festival is an 11-day arts festival that celebrates new work in the local arts scene. January in Portland just got a whole lot more interesting! This nationally-unique event celebrates a smorgasbord of aesthetic voices. And that means there’s a full range of experiences available. Think dance, comedy, and visual arts to readings, projects, and workshops. Launched by the Portland Area Theatre Alliance, it connects local artists to the vast local community who appreciates their work. Single event prices vary, but a full 11-day event pass is $50 and can be purchased here. 

Portland’s Annual Rain of Glass Sale, January 27-28 

While January in Portland means fleeting sun, it does show up occasionally. There’s something I adore about the way the sparse sun hits a colored piece of glass and shoots floating gems of light around the room. The annual Rain of Glass Sale at Portland Meadows Turf Club on January 27-28 is filled with vintage glass collectables and antiques.  Oregon’s oldest and largest Depression and Elegant glassware organization P.R.O.G., hosts it. Imagine a room filled with people genuinely excited about glass and glass patterns. Additionally, the organization hosts monthly meetings to teach and inform attendees about glass and other collectibles. As a result, you’re pretty much guaranteed to go home from this sale with a shiny piece of history. And a fantastic story to go with it, too. And a conversation piece for any occasion. Tickets are $5 at the door and parking is free. 

Most of all, whatever you choose to do this January in Portland, make it the best January ever!