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Real Estate in 2022

What’s happening in Portland real estate? So glad you asked! Seasonably, things tend to slow waaaay down during the cold and wet months, so exactly what’s expected. The twist is, inventory remains suuuuper low – we’ve hit some records, lately – and yes, there’s some recalibration of activity for winter months, but we’re still in a growing pattern in PDX due to short supply and more demand than supply, that makes us pretty lucky here to be able to successfully conduct real estate year-round with the guidance of an expert like moi. Folk are still moving to Portland from around the country, though not at the same booming rate as a few years ago. It remains a Seller’s market, and I can’t imagine that changing anytime soon. Also? Interest rates continue to shift up and down, and Sellers have to adjust quickly.

I’ve got some exciting future Listings up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share with you…and if you’re considering selling or buying yourself, now’s a great time to get in touch so we start prepping for the Spring wave.

P.S. Hope you like my 2021 photo spread through out this newsletter, it was an amazing year helping so many wonderful people sell and buy homes!

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Winter Scouting & Market Report

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Even taking into consideration the expectedly slow holiday season, the market has been pretty quiet…so we knew inventory was low. But we have hit a new record low…

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 11.41.41 AM Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 11.41.49 AM Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 11.42.08 AM See the Full Report

Weatherize Your Home

If you’re like me, you’re itching to get started prepping the garden for the coming warmer seasons. Hang in there, it’s not quite time yet. Until then, there’s still some very important work to do around the home. Here are my recommendations:

* Now’s the perfect time to prune your blueberry bushes! Oregon State University has a great article with tips for pruning, fertilizing, and caring for your blueberry bushes in our very particular climate for maximum crop. Look into pruning instructions for all your fruiting trees and bushes, too, as it’s best to do this during winter while the plant is dormant and less at risk of pests.

* We’ve had some serious, ongoing downpours these past few weeks, so please check your basement, attic, and other less-traveled areas for leaks and puddles. Even a shipshape watertight basement can be vulnerable to seeping as water oversoaks your foundations. Check that all downspouts are directed away from the house as best you can, check your gutters for leaf debris build-up even if you don’t have large trees nearby, and always make time to walk your home’s perimeter to ensure everything’s looking good. Be a good Samaritan and help Portland drain smoothy. Extend your efforts to unclog the storm drains nearby (at the end of your street/block) and watch what one person’s efforts can do to keep the streets clear!

* While you’re doing that, is it time for your roof to get a moss treatment? Sure, you could do it yourself, but it’s far safer to get a professional in. It’s also worth investing in a power washer for your front stairs, walkways, and patios – the Pacific Northwest is notorious for moss and other growth that can be slippery and hazardous during winter.

* Aaaaaand check your exterior siding and components, y’all. One big leak = big time regrets. So make sure your siding is tight (sealed and caulked), and especially double-check the Southern side of your home, because that’s where bad weather tends to sneak in from.

* Check the storm drains out the front of your house, and shovel up any leaf debris to avoid street flooding. Rake up any leaves on the roads and pavement, too – this stuff can be deadly to pedestrians and cyclists when conditions turn icy.

I speak from experience when I say that maintaining your home now will save you big $$$ and lots of future tears.I speak from experience when I say that maintaining your home now will save you big $$$ and lots of future tears.

Have I Sold You On Ridwell, Yet?

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No, I’m not working for them. But I guess I might as well be? I LOVE Ridwell. AND they keep getting cooler.

Ridwell recently rolled out a solution to our pesky clamshell addiction (food cart culture + Portland’s love of food = loads of plastic clamshells in landfills), and this is such an important step in the fight against disposable waste. They’re also looking into solutions for recycling more awkward items, like old car seats. Sign up for their newsletter so you can be kept in the loop for all things recycling. Plus, they’re expanding, yay! Ridwell are now providing easy recycling access in Denver, CO, and Bellingham, WA – and just launched in Minneapolis and Austin – which makes me super happy as I know that once Ridwell takes on America, we’re finally making a real impact on common household wastes.

Like I’ve said before, if you had told 12 year old me that someday I’d be able to put recycling on my FRONT DOORSTEP for weekly pick up, I would have said, “No way, nuh-uh!” This easy option makes recycling accessible for EVERYONE. It literally couldn’t be easier, and I’ll keep banging this drum until I’m blue in the face. C’mon, Portland, let’s show the rest of the country how to do our part. If you wanna sign up for a free trial, hit me up and I’ll send you a link!

Feelin’ Grateful

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So here’s something pretty exciting – I’ve been named Portland Monthly’s 5-star agent 12 years in a row. That’s every year they’ve had the award in Portland! Thank you to everyone who has voted for me over the years, I’m feeling super proud, and extremely humbled. I am one of only 77 agents to win EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR out of over 11,000+ agents – that’s less than 1% to have won for 12 years in a row. If you’d like to know more about why I’m so freaking excited, follow this link to read up on it.

5 star

I truly need to thank everyone here for the best year of real estate, ever! It feels really good to have real estate going right for me, especially because this means it’s going right for all of YOU – via my assistance – and that is what makes this such rewarding work. It’s been an extra layer of stress on everyone to have to take on these endeavors during covid in a mask, and I’m honored we’ve adapted, and found a way to happily succeed amidst the hurdles. Safely doing real estate in 2022? Can do! And I will always be honored to assist you and any loved ones you send my way!

Quarantine Diary

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March 2020 feels like forever ago…and last year honestly felt like the longest year of my LIFE! Can you even believe that we’re into our third year of this? I’m sure you relate. As an extrovert, especially, I’m really ready to be able to interact with my people like we did in the good ‘ol days. Here’s to inching toward that goal. We are getting there. We are.

Might sound cheesy, but I’m doing my best to count my blessings this past year, rather than focus on the negatives (of which there are too many these days). When I wasn’t working hard in real estate, I was spending quality time with the people I love. The highlights for me were horse riding in Wyoming, spending precious time with family and friends (safely!), leveling up my garden, massively reducing my carbon footprint, snuggling with the two cutest kitties, ever, and visiting our incredible coast. I am so in love with our little slice of earth and plan to continue to explore it in my free time. Bring it on 2022.

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