I’m not going to sugar coat it, most For Sale By Owner (FSBO’s) are a long shot, but that doesn’t stop me from exploring ALL possibilities for my buyers, especially when there is a lack of quality inventory if you know what I’m saying (and I bet you do if you’re looking right now, even passively). Of course we kept our practicalities about us as we explored the situation, but in many circumstances even on FSBO’s, sellers will agree to a Buyers Agent commission because quite simply, buyers agents are free to purchasers, so why wouldn’t they want representation no matter what?  This is an excellent thing for buyers, it protects them a little bit from being bullied into a process with no experts to help them, and as you know the home buying process certainly does require the help of many experts; Home inspectors, Mortgage lenders, Escrow officers…and a Realtor added to the front of that list makes a whole lot of sense, considering we are the ones who spear head the entire transaction including the  house search from the get-go.

SO…it worked out! The seller was a sweet woman and pleasant to work with, and my buyers are now the proud home owners of a 1950s time capsule.  Each house pursuit is a new adventure.  I truly enjoyed this one and my sweet buyers got an AMAZING deal on a sweet mid-century home.  The seller was able to do it her way, and feel that she saved herself some money choosing to work alone on her end of the deal.  You’ll have to take me out to coffee to get my more elaborated opinion….;)

1552 NE 75th Ave. Portland OR 97213


Sold November 15, 2013 for $250,000