Good Things Happen To Good People

Sara, Chris, and their adorable daughter Hazel are some of the most easy going people I got to work with this past year. They were market savvy and on top of it, yet so enjoyably mellow throughout the process.  I really did have to compliment how well they understood the Real Estate game, and the nuances that go along with it. They somehow managed to always show up to the newest possibility with an eagerness to try the house on – to see how it fit – but also hold steady for the right house, at the right price. Let me tell you, this can wear a buyer’s morale down, especially when you’re having to manage through one normal work schedule, a toddler with a very important nap time to consider, and then a day sleepers schedule. Add on top of that, a fiercely competitive North Portland winter market, and I doubt I need to say more as to why their amazing attitude and their stamina to stay engaged was so appreciated.


Luckily things worked out for this family when the right house finally presented itself.  And that’s the hard part…sometimes allowing for some homes to slip through your fingers so that the right one can come along…and so it did!


During our first walk through of the house, I had a total heart-melt moment when Hazel (hands safely tucked behind her back like a perfect angel)  just stood near the little kitchen set in the kids room…what a picture perfect sight.  Not only was all of this going on, but functionally, this house couldn’t have had a better layout for their life (and opposite sleep schedules).  Having the bedrooms upstairs, tucked away from it all made me feel a sense of urgency to GET THEM THIS HOUSE!  And so I did…(or I’ll say I did my part). 


In conclusion, it likely won’t come as a surprise to hear that this North Portland Bungalow, listed at $264,900, received multiple offers first day on market, but the Sellers chose us (for a number of reasons) and the rest is history.  Oh they joy!  Truly, my job is a blessing, and the people I am lucky enough to work with enrich my life, and I know in return, I have also helped to enrich theirs.


SOLD! January 6, 2014 for $272,000

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