Don’t Overlook Milwaukie! Sold 9/9/2013

I’m here to report a score in Milwaukie. The specs are as follows:  3bd/2bath remodeled 1930s home sitting on a corner lot…and within a walks distance to a coffee shop!  We had to compete with other offers (yes even in Milwaukie there are multiple offers for well priced homes), but they still got a great deal on an updated home with a Master Suite to die for (permits and all)!  And lest us not forget some period charm in tact, inside and out, all for $295,000!


And here’s to my clients, a lovely couple of darlings, who pulled off TWO house sales this year and then this stellar purchase (like the little real estate guru’s they are; having graduated from HGTV academy and all) in order to start a life together in a mutually purchased, and agreed upon home.


AWWWW<3 let the settling-in begin.

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