Local Green Initiatives

  • How Community Supported Agriculture Works In Portland

    How to Become a Shareholder in a Local Farm Through Community Supported Agriculture

    Community Supported Agriculture Delivers a Bountiful Harvest  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be neighbors with a farmer? To enjoy the neighborly bounty of a local farm all year long? You can still have that same experience without being right next door, thanks to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSAs allow you […]

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  • Kenton Village Tiny Home Neighborhood

    How the Kenton Neighborhood Is Giving Back with Their Tiny House Village

    The Value of a Home  Working in the real estate business every single day, I know the value of a home. (And the price of homes is not cheap in Portland right now!) Not just the financial value, but the heart value and the emotion that goes along with ownership. Having a home, even in […]

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  • 6 Key Things to Know About the Mandatory Home Energy Score

    The 90s are back – at least as far as your home’s carbon footprint is concerned. By 2050, Portland wants to slash the city’s carbon emissions to 80 percent below 1990 levels. To help reach that goal, all Portland homes going for sale will need to obtain a Home Energy Score beginning Jan. 1, 2018. You might be asking yourself: […]

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