Living Green

Locavorism: What It Is and Why It’s Healthier

Locavorism with Stephanie Lundin

We’ve talked a lot about our carbon footprints, living green, green building, and how what we do and the way we live has such an impact on our environment. I’m a big fan, and it seems like every single month I’m making more strides to make better, greener choices. Part of this is shopping local for…

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The Best Sustainable Walking Tour in Portland

Entrance to Portland State University

Portland delivers a crazy green city in all the best ways, and that’s part of why I love it here so much. And right in the middle of downtown sits Portland State University — who contributes much to the sustainable lifestyle. Portland State University is on the leading edge of stormwater management (which we talked about in…

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How Green Transportation Helps Portland Stay Beautiful

Green Transportion to Keep Portland Beautiful

Trailblazing the Way to Greener Transportation Portland is home to the Trailblazers and for good reason. And while that’s an NBA team, it’s an aptly named one. This city is filled of people who are blazing their own trail, and one of the most well-marked one is our eco-friendly approach to everything. Transportation accounts for…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Composting

Healthy Soil Is Important and Composting Helps Produce It

Healthy Soil Is Important and Composting Helps Produce It  Composting is just for gardeners, right? I used to think so. But I’m learning that healthy soil is important, and composting is an easy way to get more of it. What’s the big deal about dirt?   Here’s a little Soil 101 to get us started:…

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