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10/8/2020: Quarterly E-Newsletter

Real Estate in the Time of Covid-19 Portland’s real estate market has been dutifully plugging away, despite no-one being able to breathe or leave the house. A big change has been many buyers’ schedules having more flexibility when it comes to their availability to view homes (one of the many work-from-home perks), so I’m anticipating…

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The Most Dog-Friendly Spots in PDX

dog-friendly meetup groups in portland

Portlanders love dogs. Almost as much as Portlanders love bikes. Okay, maybe not. There’s no scientific evidence or survey that I’ve found on that one yet, but I know that everywhere I go in town, there are dogs. Shopping, playing, walking, running, staying, even biking! Everywhere you look, especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings, you’ll…

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Local Green Pet Supplies

Green Pet Supplies Keep Dogs Happy

Portland loves green living. That means lots of opportunities and options for green pet supplies, too. But as green as we are, it still might not be second nature to think about all the ways we can be more green with our pets. Even as the Cat Lady Realtor, I can struggle with this sometimes!…

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Portland’s Favorite Dog Show: The Rose City Classic

Rose City Classic Dog Show

Portland is a dog-friendly city, there is no doubt. And everyone appreciates a well-behaved dog.   Are you a dog lover? Better yet, are you a fun lover? If either of your answers are “Yes!” plan to attend the Rose City Classic. You’ll find it at the Portland Expo Center on January 17-21, 2018. It’s one…

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The Story of the Cat Gnome

Behind every great idea there is a great story to be told. It has always been a tradition of mine to get a cute little something for my buyers when they close a deal. This is also a tradition for all our agents at Scout Realty Co. Alia, our co-owner, especially loves gnomes and has…

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