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Behind every great idea there is a great story to be told.

It has always been a tradition of mine to get a cute little something for my buyers when they close a deal. This is also a tradition for all our agents at Scout Realty Co.

Alia, our co-owner, especially loves gnomes and has always had a little obsession with them. A few years ago you could find her gnome stickers all over PDX and she was awesome enough to share them with the Scout family. Now, you can find something even better. Scout’s very own handmade Gnome!


From Regular Gnomes To Cat Gnomes

You can still find these gnomes all over town and in my clients yards, but as my own branding has come into focus over the past year, I was in need of something new; something unique. Something that would help bring a smile to my clients faces. After some brainstorming with my office manager named Catt – yes I live a charmed life and her name is really Catt – it came to us: Cat gnomes! A glorious original idea and configuration of quite possibly the two cutest things on the planet.

I had found my ”thing”.

The Cat Gnome: From Fired Up To Glammed Up

The process was long and detailed, so I called in our expert ceramist Alex to help me turn my idea into reality.

First step was creating the molds. What fun it was, to put together an original concept from thin air! Then came the pouring of clay, three separate firings in the kiln and then one final fire to set the 22K gold details.

That’s right! My cat gnomes come with some bling. After four weeks of anticipation, my cat gnomes were ready. They’re cute, they’re precious and there are 2 versions of this glorious custom creation. Can you tell that I love them?

And you can adorn your new home with them because this is what you’re getting if you buy a house through me!

Cat Gnome Client Melissa

Though you can only get the cat gnomes from your #catladyrealtor, you can get all of Alex’s other treasures at her booth at the Portland Night Market or her Etsy shop. Check her out, and support your local artist this gift giving season.

You won’t regret it!

 Alex the Artist

Scout out my cat gnomes around town! #CatLadyRealtor

Stephanie Lundin | Real Estate Broker |

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