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10/8/2020: Quarterly E-Newsletter

Real Estate in the Time of Covid-19 Portland’s real estate market has been dutifully plugging away, despite no-one being able to breathe or leave the house. A big change has been many buyers’ schedules having more flexibility when it comes to their availability to view homes (one of the many work-from-home perks), so I’m anticipating…

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FOR SALE! Alberta Arts Bungalow

Right out the doorstep and you’ll find yourself into the heart of the Alberta Arts district. This 1908 shotgun style bungalow showcases the best of the old era details and quirks that make these homes so precious and coveted.

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FOR SALE! Concordia Storybook Cottage

At the foot of Fernhill Park is this dreamy cottage with all the right stuff going for it. With a dainty profile from the outside you will be pleasantly surprised how functional this home lives inside and also how it flows nicely to the big fully fenced backyard.

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