Hi there! It’s me, Stephanie Lundin!

I’m the woman behind the lens, capturing cats and houses around town. I’ve dedicated my career to serving clients in the Portland metro area that are seeking to improve their lives and build financial stability, through buying and selling real estate. 

Known for my energy, ethics, and enthusiasm, I deliver market knowledge, strong negotiating skills, and uncompromising service to every single one of my clients. My top priority is always providing a positive and successful real estate experience.

You often hear “location, location, location” as being the main drive in real estate. For me, however, it’s “people, people, people”. Don’t get me wrong, location can be huge, but the definition of a great location often varies widely depending on the person.

That’s why I’m here to understand exactly what it is you care about as an individual, and specifically tailor your transaction to meet your needs.

I live for helping people in all stages of their lives, and it’s especially rewarding to assist first time buyers in carving out the pathway to homeownership. And once clients have planted roots for a few years in their first homes? I feel honored to help them with the step of a buy/sell maneuver to “buy up” on their next house – all while keeping their new payments affordable.

This is not just a job to me. It’s incredibly meaningful to witness the evolution from that first home, and then onward to the next chapters in their lives.

I’m also known in this industry for fulfilling a niche need. I love helping my people pick out energy efficient home improvements and additions that will benefit this planet, and a huge perk of that is that it also adds comfort, livability, and affordability in their homes – win win win! I also have a passion for design, and my clients have full access to my experience and resources when making style choices for their spaces.

I can be found on Instagram as the one and only Cat Lady Realtor, for a little personal insight into my life, as well as all of my real estate listings, and more! When I first started out, this social media account was just a fun hobby, but it’s really evolved into a wonderful platform to foster meaningful connections with my community. If you haven’t already, I’d love it if you took a peek and hit that Follow button! You’ll see that I spend most of my personal time tending to my garden, creating healthy and fresh meals for my loved ones, and of course, hanging out with my cats in their catio. What feels like a lifetime ago, I was a musician, but I do still have my guitar and drums set up in the basement! Music is such a great stress reliever, and it’s something I’ll always enjoy.

I’ve been a licensed Broker in Oregon since 2006 – that’s nearly two decades in this competitive industry. And with hundreds of real estate transactions under my belt, I have a solid foundation and an abundant amount of experience navigating the ever-changing local real estate market. Portland real estate is always a rollercoaster, so I have a deep understanding of the need for urgency and adaptability when it comes to buying or selling a home. I attribute my success and longevity in this industry by always putting my clients’ needs first. In my world, this is another way of saying I’ve got my priorities straight, which always results in a positive outcome for my clients.

I’d love to team up with you to make the dream happen. If you’re in the market for an ethical, professional, supportive agent who’s got your back, I’m ready to help!