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Market Update

The summer market is in full swing and prices are driving forward here in Portland, amidst the climbing interest rates. But is a little relief coming in what seems to be a relentless sellers market?!… (read more in the Scouting report below)



June’s Scouting Report

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If you feel like there is change in the air, you aren’t the only one. Great listings are still going for top dollar with plenty of competition, but instead of receiving the 15 offers of years past, a seller may see three (super strong) offers. Also, buyers appear to be less willing to compromise on their wish lists…

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What you need to know…

Cesspools and Your Health…

Each year in real estate, it seems more information is discovered in the health and safety realm and it seems important to share with my past clientele so you can be informed, and protect your family.

Before my time in Real Estate (pre-2006), buried oil tanks were the big breaking news story. Then came sewer lines, radon, asbestos, and now cesspools are presenting their dangerous an ugly heads! But what does this mean for you as a home owner and what does it mean for your real estate deal?

Truth be told, buyers are growing increasingly more uncomfortable taking on this large unknown safety hazard (it’s a big concrete hole in your back yard!), and therefore it may be best for your own safety, and yes for a future sale, to explore whether or not you have a decommissioned cesspool (or cesspools) on your property, or if you need to explore decommissioning them.

Here are a couple companies that can help: 
Xavier Environmental 
Soil Solutions
Alpha Environmental

Read on for the city’s official stance…

Read Up on Cesspool Information

Featured Listing: Kenton Cottage

8803 N. Drummond Ave., Portland, OR 97217

  • Built 1935
  • 2bed/1 bath
  • 890 sf
  • Taxes: $2,332.95
  • Additional Features: Wood Floors, Eat-in Kitchen, Tall Ceilings, Fully Fenced
  • MLS#: 18079121
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Energy Trust of Oregon: What It Is and How It Works

energy management help with oregon energy trust

The official line is that the Energy Trust of Oregon is an “independent non-profit that helps utility customers in Oregon benefit from efficient energy use and generating renewable energy.” But what does that really mean? It’s a kick-ass organization that helps Oregonians save money and stay as green as possible with their energy usage.

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