…My buyers were the chosen ones!

Even though the house needs a little love, this very generous listing price, plus the location made it a heart breaker for eleven others.


As a buyer (and as first time buyers especially, like my clients were) I KNOW it’s not easy to come up with a ‘final and best’ offer price when you know there are ELEVEN other offers on the table.  I know the North Portland Overlook neighborhood like the back of my hand, and since my buyers were very open and willing to truly trust my advice and guidance, they were able to stay on top of the pile.   I was told we got the house by the hair of our noses, which means they didn’t over pay, but my ability to see the houses true value, and my buyers ability to trust me on that (that it would appraise as such) got them this house!

Here’s to a huge VICTORY for my buyers who had to fight for their amazing spot in North Portland!

Here’s the run down:

Listed for $235,000

2bd+bonus sun room


Sold January 8, 2014 for $260,000