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Let’s Talk Real Estate in Fall

I know you’re curious as to what’s happening in Portland real estate as we breeze through Fall into the Winter months, and I’m here to tell you that Portland has been oddly immune to the majority of the market volatility that is being experienced by the rest of the nation. Go, us!

It’s pretty exciting that for the first time in a looonnng time, home prices in Portland are NOT rising at the epic proportions that they typically have for the last 5+ years…which have made it a very competitive, cutthroat real estate climate that we’ve all had to navigate with care.

The good news is that PDX homes are still selling when priced right – critical, always – and with interest rates being where they’re at, the competition has finally slowed. This makes it a pretty advantageous time to be a buyer. Of course there are still homes that are attracting multiple offers, but in general, there are fewer offers and milder competition right now. Not gonna lie – you still need to bring your A game and be savvy, but if you heed my advice, and the payments are within you budget, now’s a great time to swoop up some real estate.

And the reason why isn’t as complicated as you might think. As a realtor, I witness the pack mentality play out, over and over…buyers and sellers all buy and sell at the same time as a result of this normal human tendency. I get it, it’s hard to go against the grain. But the fact is, Portland inventory hasn’t been this high since January of 2019. And so if you’re looking to have less competition and more housing options, it might be the right time, after all.

I do also want to acknowledge that because we are in a HUGE housing deficit, it still does not SEEM like it, but it’s easier to buy right now than it has been in a long time. And when the rates go back down, the buyers sitting on the fence will flood the market and prices will return to skyrocketing again. And that’s why waiting it out isn’t always the wisest tactic.

If you buy now, you have to be able to afford the payments, obviously. But when rates DO recede a bit, you can refinance out of them.

Want to chat more about this, in depth? Reach out, let’s talk about your needs, your goals, your budget, and we’ll see what magic we can whip up for you!

Bee Sustainable

I’m so thrilled that Urban Nest GETS Portlanders and our drive for environmental sustainability. That’s why they host events such as this, for us as agents, and for our clients, friends, and families. Join us on Thursday, November 9th, 6:30-8:30pm for a fantastic film fundraiser, with honey samples, snacks, beverages, and a sneak peek of Amrita.

Ticket prices are as follows:
$25 (use code URBANNEST for a $20 discount)
$75 VIP tickets (includes tote and gifts valued at $100)

You can RSVP at office@urbannestpdx.com, and if you can’t make it on the night, no worries – you can contribute to the filmmaker’s GoFundMe as well!

Fall To-Dos in the House and Garden

Winter is coming! Which means it’s time to clean out those gutters! And when the leaves are blown off the trees surrounding your home? It’s time to clean them out, again! I can’t emphasize enough how critical it is to keep up maintenance on your gutters, friends. If there’s only one thing you diligently do around the home, it should be water intrusion prevention.

With these atmospheric river events becoming increasingly common, clear gutters and mindfully routing water away from your foundation is more important than ever.

Another pro tip: take it a step further and ensure your street’s storm drains are also clear of debris so that the roads stay safe and the water continues to flow away from your home. We had a sudden deluge just last week and the roads were swamped, but the neighborhood rallied and sloshed out there in their tall boots to unclog the storm drains. So if you feel a storm coming in your bones, get a head start on that thoughtful community service. 😉

Now’s also the perfect time to get outside and prep your yard and garden for winter. Don’t go too nuts, though, because certain critters and pollinators overwinter under leaves and yard debris, and we don’t wanna disturb them.

And I never wait for Spring to declutter and deep clean, and you don’t have to, either. Your house is about to be sealed up to insulate it against the Winter chills, so get your fresh start and fresh air while you can!

Cooler, wetter weather never slows down Portlanders. There’s always so much to do around town…click the image above for the full Picks!

Where did the summer goooo? It was a fast and furious one, and I’m happy that 2023 was a most excellent year for the garden. My tomato crop was especially bumper, which felt so good considering last year’s was a pretty poor showing.

It was also a great year for my buyers, which has been really exciting to say the least! I was able to put deals together with NO other offers on many occasions, and when there were multiple offers? We fought our way through and emerged victorious, getting my clients into amazing houses that were within their comfort budgets.

I’ve been at this job for a long time now, but helping my people score a home or sell a home never, ever gets old. I guess my competitive nature is still going strong.

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