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Real Estate in the Time of Covid-19

Portland’s real estate market has been dutifully plugging away, despite no-one being able to breathe or leave the house. A big change has been many buyers’ schedules having more flexibility when it comes to their availability to view homes (one of the many work-from-home perks), so I’m anticipating a stronger than usual winter market, especially since Covid-19 delayed the spring market at the start of the year. Personally, it’s been one of the busier years in my 16-year Real Estate career. I cannot thank you enough for all your referrals, as I could not do this wonderful job without you! I’m also listing more homes for sale at this time of year than usual. I know that other agents are experiencing this as well – many of us have a stash of listings on the near horizon, so things aren’t quite slowing down yet.
So, if being in close quarters with your entire family for 7+ months has afforded you a sharper vision of the space you might require for your next home, get in touch and we’ll chat about your options for selling in this market. You might be pleasantly surprised by the possibilities!

Fall Scouting & Market Report


Resilience seems to be the key word when describing both Portlanders and the Portland area real estate market. Despite a global pandemic, amid wildfires and the worst air quality in the world, the local market is not only holding steady, but exceeding expectations…

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Get Your House Ready for Fall!

Regular home maintenance is important, but especially as we head into that infamous Portland rainy season. I’ve got a few quick tips for you to make easy adjustments or updates around the home to help weatherproof it and get you ready for the cooler months:

* Give your house a Fall-clean, especially since we’re still dealing with wildfire ash. Clean your windows, wells, stills, surfaces, and glass – trust me, it’ll make a huge difference. Plus, it’ll be far healthier for your sill-sitting pets.
* Check and change out your furnace air filter. It’s been working overtime this season, so give it a little love.
* Get your furnace and other fixtures serviced (ie: your gas fireplace, or regular chimney fireplace).
* Clear your gutters once the leaves have mostly fallen, so that when the heavy rains come, the water has an easy route directed as far from the foundation as possible.
* Address all the drafty areas you discovered during the smoke, and consider the benefits of spending money on proper insulation for your home (I have great resources for this if you need them).

With these fairly easy fixes, you’ve got wet weather sorted!

Vote (Like Your Life Depends On It)!

Vote2 Phew, what a year! It feels like a century has passed since the beginning of 2020, and the November election is finally drawing near. I know you’re probably tired of hearing about it, but I’m going to say it again because it’s just that important – have you registered to Vote yet? Have you checked to ensure you’re (still) registered? Believe it or not, sometimes you’ll find there’s a glitch or issue and you’re not actually eligible, so it’s always best to check. And sometimes my clients – who have recently moved into a new home – aren’t really thinking of elections as they settle into their new routine, so please don’t forget to update your address and make sure you’re ready to vote! Head to the Oregon portal to check or update your voter status!
This one’s a big one, with so much at stake. However you vote, it’s important that your voice is heard. In Oregon, we’re super lucky and have the privilege of mailing in our votes, so it really couldn’t be easier (or safer – don’t believe what you read about mail-in voting being ineffective or vulnerable to fraud! It’s actually proven over the years to be very effective, very safe, and ensures more people actually vote!). It’s going to be a bumpy ride, so strap yourselves in!

Quarantine Diary

Pup Pup And Away! (2)

Can you even believe the beauty of these peppers I grew from seed?! I’m pretty proud that I’ve been producing farmers market-quality vegetables from my own backyard, and I hope you’ve had just as much success in your own urban gardens. It’s especially been a big year for tomatoes, and I’m thankful for all the fresh, home-cooked meals that have kept me healthy during this odd time. I guess all the extra time at home this season has really paid off. I also rolled up my sleeves (okay, fine, I hired someone to do alllll the work) and finally constructed a catio (okay, it’s more like a full blown covered patio) for my two furry children! Using my Mom’s catio as design inspiration, this came together quicker than expected, and I’m glad I finally got around to having it done! Now my besties can enjoy the sunshine with me as I work in the garden, or relax with a book. It keeps them safe from predators, traffic, and injuries, while giving them access to fresh air full of delicious new scents, warm sunny spots, and squirrel T.V. If you’re thinking about building your own catio (or, ahem, hiring someone to do the work for you), there’s loads of instructional guides online, and if we’re lucky, Portland’s famous catio tour will be up and running in 2021! They hosted a virtual tour this past September, so check in on the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon for updates!

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